Source: [Emojipedia](

Source: Emojipedia.

Draft candidates for Emoji 15.0 have been released ahead of World Emoji Day, and Emojipedia has created the sample images seen above to show them off. Although there’s no guarantee that all of the proposed new emojis will be included in the final release of Emoji 15.0, which is expected in September, Emojipedia reports that most usually are.

Included among the candidates this year are shaking face, three new colors of hearts, left and right pushing hands in multiple skin tones, a moose, a donkey, a black bird, a goose, ginger, a hair pick, a flute, peas, and more. It’s up to each vendor that uses the Unicode Consortium’s set of emojis to create their artwork, but Emojipedia’s images provide a good touchstone for what they should look like.

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