When we launched Club MacStories+ and Club Premier in 2021, we offered members exclusive deals on around a dozen of our favorite apps and services. In the two years since expanding the Club, our discount program has grown substantially. Now, thanks to the generosity of the developer community, Club MacStories+ and Club Premier members enjoy discounts on 34 apps and services from 24 developers.

To put the Club deals into context, taking advantage of them all would save you more than the cost of two years of Club Premier, the highest Club tier. That’s before you even consider the many other perks Club MacStories and Club Premier members enjoy, including:

Weekly and monthly newsletters
A sophisticated web app with search and filtering tools to navigate eight years of content
Customizable RSS feeds
Bonus columns
An early and ad-free version of our Internet culture and media podcast, MacStories Unwind
A vibrant Discord community of smart app and automation fans who trade a wealth of tips and discoveries every day
Live Discord audio events after Apple events and at other times of the year

On top of all of that, Club Premier members get AppStories+, an extended, ad-free version of our flagship podcast that we deliver early every week in high-bitrate audio.

That’s a lot, but with Thanksgiving upon us here in the US, I wanted to take a moment to focus on just the discounts and thank the developers who work with us to bring Club members such great deals and spotlight each of them for all MacStories readers. Club MacStories+ and Club Premier members can access all Club deals by visiting club.macstories.net/discounts.

The lineup changes regularly, but here are all the deals that Club MacStories+ and Club Premier members can take advantage of now:

1Password Families

1Password Families is a subscription plan that offers full access for up to 5 family members to the 1Password apps across all platforms, including iOS, Mac, the web, Windows, Linux, and Android. It also includes 1GB of secure document storage for your family.

New users can claim six months free.


Get 20% off AirBuddy, the AirPods utility for the Mac from Guilherme Rambo, which lets you check the battery status of your AirPods and many models of Beats headphones just like you can on an iPhone or iPad, but on your Mac. Gestures and automation make it easy to connect, change listening modes, adjust volume, and more without opening System Preferences.

Bartender 5

Get 20% off Bartender 5 and take control of your Mac’s menu bar. The app gives you control of what’s in your menu bar and when it appears, saving you space and ensuring that items only appear when needed. Combined with features like quick reveal, search, and custom hotkeys and triggers, Bartender gives your menu bar superpowers.


Get 20% off Batteries for Mac to track all your devices’ batteries from your Mac. Batteries for Mac will notify you when your iPhone, iPad, AirPods, Beats headphones, and Bluetooth peripherals need recharging.

Clean Email

Get 30% off on Clean Email’s inbox cleaning service, which helps you manage your mailbox overloaded with unread and unwanted emails more efficiently while keeping your data safe and respecting your privacy. Available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

CleanShot X

Get 20% off on a standalone CleanShot X license or CleanShot Cloud Pro and start capturing your Mac’s screen like a pro with over 50 features for capturing, editing, annotating, and sharing your Mac’s screen.

DEVONagent Pro

Get 20% off of DEVONagent Pro to give your research a boost with the smartest search assistant for the Mac. DEVONagent searches multiple sources and frees you from manually sorting the wheat from the chaff. With its scheduled searches, it even keeps you updated on what’s going on in the world.


Get 20% off any of the three versions of DEVONthink for Mac. You’ll be able to focus on your work and let DEVONthink remember all the details. Collect, organize, edit, and annotate documents of any kind. Have them automatically analyzed, connected, and filed. Sync them between your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.


Get 30% off HazeOver to regain focus when you’re faced with a cluttered Mac screen. HazeOver automatically highlights the front window by fading out all the background windows. It’s a terrific way to boost your productivity on the Mac.

Keyboard Maestro

Get 20% off Keyboard Maestro, which is among the most powerful automation tools available for the Mac. You can automate virtually anything on your Mac with Keyboard Maestro on a schedule or using a keyboard shortcut. The productivity gains that are possible by automating apps, text and image manipulation, controlling websites, and performing other tasks are only limited by your imagination.


Get 30% off Lasso, the Mac windows manager that lets you move and resize windows using only your mouse. The app uses a simple grid system and keyboard shortcuts, plus it supports custom layouts, multiple displays, layout exporting and importing, and more.

Lingon X 9

Get 20% off Lingon X 9, a powerful Mac app that enables you to run things automatically on your Mac. Lingon is easy to use and can start an app or run a script, shortcut, or command whenever you want. You can schedule it to run at a specific time, regularly, or when something special happens.

MacStories Pixel

Club MacStories members have access to an exclusive 15% discount on all MacStories Pixel icon sets. MacStories Pixel is our design brand curated by our longtime designer Silvia Gatta.


Get 30% off Marked, the app you need on your Mac if you write in Markdown. Marked is a Markdown previewer that shows you exactly what your rendered Markdown will look like, updating your preview every time you save. Marked can preview your document as you work in your text editor, and when you’re finished, export in a wide variety of file formats.

Mission Control Plus

Get 20% off Mission Control Plus, the app that puts the ‘control’ back in Mission Control by letting you manage your Mac’s windows better, adding keyboard navigation, shortcuts, and more.

Red Sweater Software

Get 20% off on all of Red Sweater’s apps when purchasing:

MarsEdit: If you’re writing for the web, you need a desktop blog editor. And if you’re lucky enough to have a Mac, nothing is more powerful or elegant than MarsEdit.
Black Ink: Black Ink 2 offers a deluxe crossword-solving interface on your Mac. It’s packed with features that streamline the process for solvers of all skill levels, from beginners to world-class pros.
FastScripts: Beloved by Mac automation experts for nearly 20 years, FastScripts puts all your scripts at your fingertips.
FlexTime: A versatile timer for repetitive activities.
Clarion: Improve your musical ear training with a simple interface and customizable learning experience.

Rogue Amoeba

Get 20% off on all of Rogue Amoeba’s apps, including:

Airfoil: Use Airfoil to stream audio to a long list of devices connected to your home network, including Macs, iOS devices, HomePods, Apple TVs, Sonos speakers, Bluetooth speakers, and more.

Audio Hijack: Record any app’s audio, including VOIP calls and Safari streams, plus audio from hardware like microphones connected to your Mac. Audio Hijack’s block-based UI makes building complex audio workflows simple.

Farrago: Farrago is a soundboard app that’s perfect for quick access to sound effects and other sound bites. The app includes a large library of built-in effects and the ability to add your own for use in podcasts, live theater settings, and more.

Fission: Fission is a fast, lossless sound editor for the Mac. The app makes it easy to quickly edit audio files losslessly, convert between formats, batch convert files to MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC, AIFF, and WAV formats, and more.

Loopback: Loopback is an audio routing app that makes it easy to pass audio among multiple apps with an intuitive wire-based interface, making sophisticated studio mixing board functionality available right on your Mac.

Piezo: Piezo is the simplest way to capture audio on your Mac. With virtually no setup, you’re up and running, recording audio from apps and external devices like microphones immediately.

SoundSource: SoundSource is the premier Mac menu bar app for controlling audio on your Mac. From inputs like apps and microphones to output devices like speakers, you can adjust, filter, and control sound on a per-app and device basis.


Get 20% off Screens for Mac and control any computer from your Mac, no matter where you are. Compatible with Big Sur and Apple’s new M1 Macs, you never have to worry about leaving a file on another Mac ever again. With Screens, you can connect to whichever Mac you left the file on and work on it in place or transfer it from one Mac to the other.


Get 30% off Sensei for Mac, the ultimate app for optimizing your Mac. Featuring a wide range of advanced cleaning and monitoring features, it’s never been easier to maximize your Mac performance.

Sleeve 2

Get 25% off Sleeve 2, the ultimate music accessory for your Mac. Sleeve sits on the desktop, displaying and controlling the music you’re currently playing using Apple Music, Spotify, and Doppler. The app is highly customizable, supports themes, and integrates with Last.fm.


Get 33% off TableFlip, your go-to editor for Markdown and CSV tables. With seamless export to LaTeX and HTML, you’re all set. It’s tailored for data wranglers and pro users who appreciate the simplicity and power of plain text tables – simple, efficient, and seamless table editing. You can even edit tables in-place editing in TableFlip while your Markdown file updates automatically.


Get 25% off TextBuddy, the Swiss Army knife for plain text that is there when you need it and hidden when you don’t. With over 137 useful commands, you can run to transform, sort, and filter your text into the format you need, extract data, or jot down a quick note.


Get 25% off TextSniper for the Mac and extract text from images and other digital documents in seconds with TextSniper. The app instantly captures non-selectable text from YouTube videos, PDFs, images, online courses, screencasts, presentations, webpages, video tutorials, photos, and more. It’s as simple and easy as taking a screenshot.


New subscribers can get 50% off their first year of a Ulysses subscription. Ulysses is a text editor for iPhone, iPad, and Mac with powerful features and a pleasant, focused writing experience combined in one tool and made for people who love to write and write a lot.

Joining Club MacStories+ or Club Premier to take advantage of these great deals is a no-brainer. You can learn more and join Club MacStories+ or Club Premier using the buttons below:

Join Club MacStories+:

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However, whether or not you join the Club, take some time over the Thanksgiving holiday to browse through the apps above, download the ones that offer free trials, and buy the ones that fit into your workflows. You’ll be supporting a lot of excellent indie developers and getting some of the best apps around.

Also, keep an eye on MacStories. We’ve got some big new deals coming to Club MacStories+ and Club Premier members just around the corner.

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